About Sandra Chapman


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Sandra has had the joy and the privilege of residing in Manitoba, Alberta and and now Kelowna, British Columbia.  She is grateful for her "prairie roots" and the influence of her extended prairie family whose core values are family, community, hard work and deep respect for the earth and our natural world.  

Sandra finds her inspiration by connecting with the outdoors through hiking, cycling and traveling throughout Canada and beyond.  

Sandra's bold, expressive paintings reflect her interpretation of the relationships she sees in nature.  One of her favourite subject matters is trees.  She explains "When I look at trees, I see not only the trees, but the spaces in between them and the way they relate to each other and other aspects of the landscape.  To me, nature mirrors and reflects universally experienced emotions such as joy, passion, solitude, connection and disconnection.  I attempt to capture the essence of these relationships in my paintings."

Sandra describes herself as a life long learner and her diverse education began with the study of Psychology and then the Law.  After practicing law for over ten years, Sandra yearned for the freedom to express herself creatively and she found her way to a paintbrush and canvas.  She took a big leap of faith with her decision to leave her law practice and paint full time following some health challenges that encouraged her to honour her deepest self.  Since 2006, Sandra has been fully immersed in painting and developing her skills through painting workshops, study in the Fine Arts Department at Okanagan College and self-study.  

Sandra sells her work through art galleries and her on-line website.  For the past several years, Sandra has felt honoured to join the highly talented artists exhibiting at the Western Artists' Showcase at the Calgary Stampede.   Sandra also works directly with clients and designers to create custom pieces for residential and commercial interiors.